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The 2001 Committee to Repeal the 6% Utility Users Tax
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*Special note, Oct. 2007:  Purely by coincidence, the 2007 City-sponsored measure to increase the UUT was given the same ballot letter designation as the 2001 Citizen-sponsored measure to repeal the UUT!

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  Please note:  We updated this page until election day [Nov. 2001], at which time it was "frozen."  Information added to this website after election day 2001 will be on the Updates page.

A brief outline of our position:

The City has had budget surpluses for the last five years.
The most recent annual surpluses ($2.4 million last year and $1.5 million the year before that) have been roughly equal to the income from the Utility Tax.
Since the City does not need the Utility Tax money in order to balance its budget, the Council's threats of massive layoffs, no sewer and street repairs, etc., are false.
The Council would like to keep the Utility Tax in place as a "pad," so that they don't have to perform the detailed and often confrontational oversight required to control the City's spending on staff overtime, on overblown projects such as the current $2 million+ remodel of a portion of City Hall, and on the extraordinary legal and police/fire costs arising from the downtown club scene.

To residents who see paying the UUT as a reasonable civic contribution, we suggest donating instead to our schools and library, which do not have surpluses.
They have an enormous effect on our quality of life and our property values.


Please note:  We will continue to update this page until election day, at which time it will be "frozen."  Information added to this site after election day will be on the Updates page.

To review detailed information, click on "Facts," above.

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