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In the materials the City sent to you with your ballot there was this, claiming that the City's General Fund could not afford to continue paying for landscaping and lighting:

From "Frequently Asked Questions."
The boxes around "general" and "General Fund" above, and around other text below, have been added by the webmaster.

What they did not send you was this City document, showing that the General Fund had a huge surplus:

From the City of Redondo Beach Comprehensive Annual Financial Report ("CAFR"), Dec. 13, 2005, Page 40

They also did not send you this, the most recent Treasurer's Report, showing that the City has $62 million in the bank earning interest:

From the City of Redondo Beach Budget and Finance Commission agenda, Aug. 10, 2006

The City wants your money, but clearly does not need it. 

Vote "NO"'

To residents who might view paying this new assessment as a reasonable civic contribution, we suggest donating instead to the Redondo Beach schools, which do not have surpluses.
  Good schools have an enormous effect on the quality of life and property values.

Changing Your Vote

If you already have submitted your ballot, and want to change your vote, here is how.

You will need to get a new ballot, fill it out, and return it to the City Clerk by Tuesday November 7.  You can do it at the last minute, or ahead of time.

If there is at least a week before the 7th, you can contact the City Clerk, at (310) 318-0656 or and ask for a new ballot to be mailed to you.  You can return it by mail, or if time is short, hand-carry it to the City Clerk's office (which will not be open on Friday October 27) or bring it to the November 7 City Council meeting, at 6:30.
If it is too close to the Nov. 7 deadline for a replacement ballot to be mailed to you, simply go to the November 7 meeting, ask for a replacement ballot, fill it out, and turn it in during the meeting.  You will need to bring with you the Assessor's ID # for your property - which can be found on your tax bill.

All documents displayed on this web page were obtained from the City of Redondo Beach website.

We will continue to update this page thru November 7.

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