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2015:  Proposed New Sewer Fee

Important Notes about the Form:

Renters, as well as property owners, can file protests. 
The protest form asks for the Assessors parcel number, but the street address of the property is sufficient.  
Postmarks don't count - your protest must be in the city clerk's hands by the 23rd.

History of the 1985 Sewer Tax - the 6% Utility Tax

More New Taxes Coming Soon, from our State Legislature:


SB 16 (Beall) will raise the gas tax and car registration fees.  This bill is opposed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

As of 5-31-15 this bill was moving through the Legislature.


ACA 4 (Frazier and Wolk) will pave the way for repeated tax increases around California.  ACA 4 proposes that we amend the California Constitution to lower the number of voters it takes to approve a new tax, from the present 66.6% down to 55%.  This bill is a "game changer."  If it passes, you will see tax increases every time you vote, for the rest of your life, for road building and repairs, and public transit - things you already are paying for through gas tax and sales tax on gasoline.  (1.5% of the present 9% sales tax goes to the Los Angeles County MTA, but they want to add at least 1/2% more.)  This bill is opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce, California Taxpayers Association, Associated Builders and Contractors of California, California Association of Realtors, California Retailers Association, Orange County Business Council, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (read their guest editorial), National Federation of Independent Businesses, and the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

Because this bill amends the California Constitution (it is an Assembly Constitutional Amendment), you have two opportunities to oppose it.  Right now, you can contact your legislators and ask them to vote against it.  And then, if it makes it to the November 2016 ballot, you can oppose it when you go to the polls.

As of 5-31-15 this bill was moving through the Legislature.