The SurfinHermosa Survey
VivaHermosa's Index to Results of SurfinHermosa's 2008 Upper Pier Avenue Survey

Direct Links to Summaries:

Survey Dashboard - chart summarizing each survey question - .pdf
Slides presented to City Council - .pdf

Direct Links to Raw Data:

Q1:  Children at home?
Q2:  How often do you visit upper Pier?
Q3:  Preferred street configuration?
Q4:  Do you favor mixed use?
Q5:  Allocation of money?  See charts in Dashboard.
Q6:  Gateway structure?
Q7:  Thoughtful consideration?
Q8:  Survey taker's name and contact information.
Q9: Resident, businessman, visitor?
Q10:  Survey taker's age.

Video Presentations:

1.  City Council, Aug. 12, 2008 - Available on City's site,, begins at 0:13:20 into the meeting.
2.  Planning Commission, Aug. 19, 2008 - Available on City's site, begins at 0:01:03 into the meeting.