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Dec-07:  50+ DUI arrests in December.  These 22 drivers were at the Pier, or in Hermosa bars/restaurants, prior to arrest.  Summaries:
       DR 07-4060 F-27 Arcadia, was at "HB Bars," almost hits officer, short chase, open beer in car, BAC 0.13
       DR 07-4113 F-27 LA 90034,  was at Union Cattle, wrong way on Hermosa Avenue, BAC 0.24
       DR 07-4149 M-43 Santa Monica, was at Molloy's, hit bartender's car twice in parking lot, BAC 0.26
       DR 07-4150 M-36 LA 90057, was at Shark's Cove, short chase, refused/failed breath or blood testing
       DR 07-4171 F-31Hermosa, was at Dragon, refused/failed breath testing, occupation:  "cocktails"
       DR 07-4264 M-51 Redondo, was at The Shore, BAC 0.19
       DR 07-4328 F-39 Torrance, was at Shark's Cove, BAC 0.16
       DR 07-4330 F-24 Lynwood, was at "HB Pier," BAC 0.18
       DR 07-4338 M-68 Hermosa, was at Lighthouse, BAC 0.13
       DR 07-4343 M-31 Hermosa, was at "Pier Ave," BAC 0.27
       DR 07-4348 F-32 Redondo, was at "Hermosa Pier," BAC 0.14
       DR 07-4350 F-23 New York, was at Sangria, BAC 0.08
       DR 07-4361 M-28 Venice, was at "Bar in Hermosa," BAC 0.07
       DR 07-4363 F-19 Rancho PV, was at Molloy's, BAC 0.19
       DR 07-4385 F-25 Hawthorne, was at Fishack, BAC 0.16
       To read full reports for the 15 drivers above, click:  Dec-07 DUIs 1 - 15 (large file - 6 mb pdf)
       DR 07-4151 M-30 Hermosa, was at The Shore, was a manager at Dragon, BAC 0.17
       DR 07-4164 M-28 Redondo, was at "Pier and 14th," is a bartender, BAC 0.12
       DR 07-4266 M-25 LA 90044, was at Union Cattle, BAC 0.17, passenger arrested too
       DR 07-4278 F-32 Redondo, was at Fishack and Dragon, short chase, BAC 0.15
       DR 07-4297 F-21 Riverside, was at Molloy's, BAC 0.07
       DR 07-4329 M-34 LA 90019, was at "Hermosa Pier," BAC 0.15, passenger arrested too
       DR 07-4367 M-26 Long Beach, was at Fishack, BAC 0.10
       To read full reports for the 7 drivers above, click:  Dec-07 DUIs 16 - 22 (large file - 4 mb pdf)

Dec-07:  More Dec-07 DUI arrests to be posted soon


The information above has been assembled by a private citizen using official court records and both official and unofficial City records.  Only when the official records reproduced at the links above reflect that an incident or violation has occurred should it be relied upon as fact.   All other information included above has been checked carefully and is believed to be correct, but may not be.

Except where noted otherwise, the incidents listed above involve charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  While we have not used the word "alleged" at every opportunity above, each person described herein is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

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