Measure "B" in the Hermosa Beach Municipal Election November 5, 2013


"Several residents have been asking about a police pursuit on The Strand. Although there was no actual pursuit, this should clear up any questions:

On Thursday, 11-07-13, at approximately 11pm HBPD officers were out on a foot patrol of Lot A (the large parking lot behind Sharkeez/American Junkie etc). The officers saw a subject who was driving recklessly in the parking lot. As they contacted him and asked for his ID the subject took off, turning west on 10th Street and then south on The Strand. The suspect (accompanied by a female passenger) sped down The Strand at speeds between 60-80 mph. They both ditched the vehicle once in Redondo and ran towards the Chart House. Assisting officers arrived a few seconds later and located both the suspect and his female passenger hiding. The suspect was positively ID'd by the initial officer and taken into custody.

Arrested was Chad McZeal, a 27 year old resident of Inglewood. He was charged with 2800.2 CVC - Felony Evading, 23152 CVC - DUI, 14601.2 CVC - Driving on a Suspended License for a prior DUI, and 2 outstanding warrants for his arrest. He is being held on $120,000 bail."

From Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch

"On Monday 10-14-13, at approximately  3:35p.m., a female juvenile was walking northbound near the 2000 blk of Power Street. As she approached 20th Street, an unknown male in a white van traveling westbound 20th turned in front of her (to N/B Power); the male subject said, "Hi". The female juvenile did not respond to the male subject and he said, "Oh, great, now you're ignoring me".
The female juvenile then turned and ran to her friend's home to contact HBPD for assistance. Officers responded but did not locate the van. The female juvenile described the van as white in color and no windows along the side. The male subject could only be described as possibly Caucasian and he did not have an accent. Anyone with information is urged to contact Detectives (310)318-0360."
Press Information Officer Mick Gaglia
Hermosa Beach Police Dept

From 9-26-13 Easy Reader Hermosa page
From the Hermosa Page in the 9-26-13 Easy Reader

Police Reports: Rapes, 2010 - 2013, with Summary
From the officer's narrative in one report (page 43):
"(Victim) told me that she and her roommate boarded a party bus with approximately 30 of their fellow students.  Prior to arriving in Hermosa Beach (victim) consumed five shots of vodka."

Incident Reports Submitted by Staff, for 12-5-12 Planning Comm. Meeting

Incident Reports Submitted by Staff, for 3-12-13 City Council Meeting

Beach Reporter 7-11-13 Hermosa Robbery
The Beach Reporter, 7-11-13

June 2013:  Big Fight on Plaza
Easy Reader article
The Beach Reporter article
Patch article

Beach Reporter 6-20-13 Hermosa Strangling
The Beach Reporter, 6-20-13

Beach Reporter 5-16-13 Hermosa Crime
The Beach Reporter, 5-16-13

Beach Reporter 4-25-13 Hermosa Crime
The Beach Reporter, 4-25-13

Easy Reader 4-18-13 Hermosa Car Chase
Easy Reader, 4-18-13

Sep. 2012
Fight on Plaza, Two Men Stabbed
Patch article
Mercury News article

Apr. 2012:  Fight with Gunshots at Point 705
Daily News article
CBS article
LAist article

Dec. 2011:  "Hermosa Beach Friday Night Fights"

Video downloaded from YouTube (Warning:  Contains violence, profanity, hate speech)

Description, from YouTube:  "Dude gets kicked out the bar and hassles the door guy. My camera descretely comes out. He gets his a-- kick by a good ole boy. Poor Isreali dude. Takes his lumps and puts back on the Yamika. LOL"

Comments, from YouTube:
"By jonsilence, 1 year ago:  RIP Hermosa Beach, the nightlife lowlifes have killed you.
By John Doe 3 months ago:  He still has more guts than the sissy that hides like a little girl and video tapes him. A society of cowards!
By 310rigo,  4 months ago:  Gay a-- fight come down to Compton lames.
By Joshua Lee, 9 months ago:  2 vs 1 and he gets sucker punched? standard hermosa beach trash ruining a good time.
By Kat Yu 1 year ago:  It's "yarmulke", not Yamika. LOL"

Direct link to the video, on YouTube.

Nov. 2011 Fight on Plaza
Video downloaded from YouTube (Warning:  Contains violence, profanity)
Direct link to the video, on YouTube

Sep. 2011 Fight on Plaza
Video downloaded from YouTube (Warning:  Contains violence, profanity)
Direct link to the video, on YouTube

BR 5-25-06 Hermosa Letter

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