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Overcrowding Citations

DUI Arrests

3-2-06:  Manhattan couple attacked via home invasion after they bring home women met at Blue 32.  Bellflower man and Long Beach woman arrested and plead guilty.  On 1-2-07 Compton woman surrenders and pleads not guilty.  As of 4-11-07 male suspect still at large.  Article.

7-21-06:  Hermosa businessman walking home on 8th Street accosted by two robbers who punch in head him and demand his cell phone.  He runs, then hears a loud "bang."  Later that day a nearby resident reports a bullet has struck his home.  DR 06-2653

8-13-06:  Glendale man's cellphone, camera and Ipod missing from vehicle after it was towed following DUI arrest.  DR 07-0095.

9-9-06 or 9-10-06:  Wilmington man stabbed inside The LighthouseArticle & DR 06-3354.

9-22-06, 11:58 pm:  Hermosa woman arrested after biting Redondo woman during fight inside Blue 32DR 06-3505.

10-7-06, 1:30 am:  Women invite Pasadena lawyer onto Blue 32 podium to dance with them.  Another man grabs his shirt and pulls him off of podium.  Fight ensues, with at least four persons involved.  DR 06-3718.

10-7-06, 1:43 am:  Los Angeles man arrested after fight with Inglewood man and Hawthorne man waiting in line at Roberts LiquorDR 06-3687.

11-18-06, 1:46 am:  Man hits Van Nuys man outside Union Cattle Company.  Fight resumes one block away.  DR 06-4163  Police response delayed by other incidents.  Victim captures one suspect.

12-9 & 12-15-06:  Visitor from Los Altos has locked bike stolen from rack near Barnacles, then clothing, wallet, cellphone and sunglasses taken from the bar area at Fat Face FennersDR 07-0017 & 0018.

12-15-06, 12:59 am:  Corona man and Hawthorne man arrested after fight with Lawndale man inside Pedones Pizza.  Arrestee kicks out window of police car.  DR 06-4437.

12-15-06, 1:23 am:  Hermosa man and Arcata woman robbed at knife point while walking on Strand (at 10th).  DR 06-4439.

12-15-06, 2:46 am:  Hermosa man robbed while walking on Bayview at 8th. DR 06-4440.  Possibly same suspects as earlier robbery.

12-15-06:  Public restrooms at 11th and Strand vandalized.  DR 06-4444.

12-16-06, 12:48 am:  Woman leaves Union Cattle Company on foot and walks on Manhattan Avenue to point south of Pier Avenue.  Limo driver waiting nearby observes her, believes she is impaired and calls police after he sees a man approach her then take her between adjacent buildings.  Police arrest Lawndale man.  Helicopter is brought in to search for the woman, who is not located.  Police release arrestee.  DR 06-4449.

12-17-06:  PCH retailer hit repeatedly by shoplifters.  DRs 06-4463, 4465 & 4472.

12-19-06, 9:15 pm to midnight:  Torrance man's laptop stolen from his vehicle, either while vehicle was parked in the 1300 block of Manhattan Avenue, or after it was towed following DUI arrest later that night.  DR 06-4493.

12-22-06, 1:37 am:  Man puts hand through window of business in 00 block of Pier Avenue, is cut, caught, and transported to hospital.  DR 06-4519.

12-25-06, 10:00 pm to 5:30 am on 12-26:  Redondo woman's wallet stolen from her car while she is at Pitcher HouseDR 07-0071.

12-28-06, 1:55 am:  Window of business in 300 block of Pier Avenue shattered by unknown person.  Incident Report.

12-30-06, 12:08 am:  Fight begins inside Dragon Bar when San Pedro woman pepper sprays her sister (!). Fight moves onto Plaza, ultimately involving four persons.  San Pedro man is transported to hospital.  DR 06-4637.

1-2-07, 1:17 am:  Man ejected from Blue 32 is struck in head by other man, who is arrested.  DR 07-0014.

1-3-07:  Front window of business in 100 block Pier Avenue shattered overnight, by unknown person.  DR 07-0033.

1-6-07, 9:54 pm:  Man charges across Loreto Plaza, tries to knife doorman at Fat Face Fenners, misses, runs off.  DR 07-0059.

1-7-07, 2:59 am:  Woman complains after paying $250 for table at Blue 32, then being ejected at 2:15 am.  DR 07-0067.

1-13-07, 1:45 am:  Hermosa man complains Laker player took his birthday cake.  DR 07-0130.

1-14-07:  Four passengers emerging from party bus struck by Jeep returning after verbal dispute. As of 9-17-07 no one had been arrested.  Article.

1-27-07, 8:58 pm Friday:  PCH retailer burgled.  DR 07-0277.

2-5-07, 8:01 pm Monday:  Hermosa businessman walking on Strand (2300 block) accosted by three youths who go through his pockets until he yells for help.   DR 07-0406.

12-15-07, 3:08 am:  El Segundo man kicks and throws body into cars downtown, denting them.  DR 07-4204

12-22-07,  1:04 am:  Fight inside Sangria.  Former boyfriend of woman, 20, breaks nose of her dance partner.  DR 07-4282

12-23-07, 6:47 pm:  Orange County man, 29, visits Herondo Street apartment in response to Craigslist ad reading, "Parents not home... 14-year-old virgin girl wants to have sex."   He encounters slightly older young woman and her boyfriend, who shows him a knife.  A struggle ensues, and he is stabbed.  DR 07-4298
The 17-year-old girl and her 21-year-old accomplice were charged with assault.  At the April 23, 2008 preliminary hearing, the victim of the stabbing invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer any of the district attorney's questions about the incident, which forced the DA to drop the charges.

12-29-07, 12:40 am:  Blue 32 cited for overcrowding.  Report states (on page 1 of 6):  "This citation is the sixth overcrowding citation issued to Blue 32 in twenty-nine months of operation."   Sub-Index of overcrowding citations

Dec-07:  50+ DUI arrests in December.  Sub-index of DUI arrests

4-10-08, 4:18 pm Thursday:  Fullerton man employed at job site on Manhattan Avenue near Pier Avenue receives his wages in cash and, less than a minute later, is approached by man with silver gun.  Victim sees opportunity and punches suspect in the jaw.  Suspect hits victim with gun, then flees to car and escapes - without the money.  DR 08-1072

4-10-08, 10:25 pm Thursday:  Hermosa woman walking on Hermosa Avenue (2300 block) robbed by man with silver gun.  DR 08-1075


The index table above has been assembled by a private citizen using official court records and both official and unofficial City records.  Only when the official records reproduced at the links above reflect that an incident or violation has occurred should it be relied upon as fact.   All other information included above is believed to be correct, but may not be.

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